Social and Economic Inclusion Grant for Persons with Disabilities

The Foundation received strong budgetary support through the grant from the Social and Economic Inclusion Project for persons with Disabilities (Ministry of Labour and Social Security) made possible from financing through the Japanese Policy Human Resources Development Grant, an amount of Six Million Three Hundred and Eighty Three Thousand Dollars (J$6,383,000.00).

This grant has been utilized to upgrade learning facilities enhance learning outcomes with the provision of stipend payments to our clients, capacity building in the form of professional development seminars and staff training, revamping of our marketing materials, job placement activities and our public relations image and assist in the improvement of salaries for the Instructors.

Digicel Foundation- Furniture Making Department Grant

Digicel Foundation approved the Foundation’s proposal to renovate the Furniture making Department in the amount of $2.84 million plus a 5% contingency costs.

Digicel Foundation also covered additional costs for painting and the upgrading of the physical area which when all costs are tallied are in excess of Three Million Dollars. This project enabled the institution to forge new ventures that generated income for the institution and simultaneously trained and provided employment for our best graduates in this skill area.